Co-founder & Executive Officer

Frances Carollo

Director of Research

Co-founder & Director

of Operations

Meet Our International Team of Experts

We're just a normal, fun group of people who live all over the world and happen to be incredibly passionate about the same thing - solving plastic pollution world-wide. Yes, individually we've been successful in our respective fields, however our past successes are not what binds us together.


We're bound by our conviction to take action in the midst of a global crisis. We're not content with hoping that someday "someone else" will solve this problem. We won't standby while others talk endlessly but do nothing. We don't need more data or time to consider if we should get involved. Our group understands the depth of the issue, so we've volunteered for the front-line, to do the heavy lifting and work together with one voice and one effort. We call on all those with the same spirit to unite with us. 

Bradley Layton

Director of Science

& Technology

Marianne Forrest

Director of Community Relations


Chief Investment Officer

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Director of Impact

& Inspiration

Director of Planning

& Development

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Woody Neeley

Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager

Project Manager

Latin America

Creative Director

Project Manger


Project Manager

The Amazon

Roadshow Manager

Plastics-to-Fuel Mini Plant

Project Manager

Middle East

Strategic Consultant &

Director of Education

Legal and Legislative Action Consultant

Project Manager


Project Manager


Real people, making a real difference

Missoula Advisory Board Members

Final Cycles has assembled a dynamic group of community leaders to be a part of our Missoula Advisory Board. Each member works hands-on and donates their professional expertise, diverse knowledge, resources and strategic relationships to help make Missoula , MT the first zero plastic waste community in America.

Plastics Education

Facilities &


Logistics & 


Jesse Ramos



Dick King

Foundation &

Grant Programs

Bill Nooney
Bill Nooney

Energy Advisor