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Chris Parsons

Director of Strategic Partnerships

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Chris was raised in a very mobile family, and developed a rich appreciation for the diversity of the world's natural environment. After pursuing a degree in Marine Biology, his post-graduate work led to a 28-year career in the rapidly emerging field of Information Technologies, specializing in technical business solutions and systems integration.  In 2004, Chris embarked on a one year sabbatical through Baja and mainland Mexico. On this 9000 mile journey he witnessed firsthand the dramatic impact humanity was having on Mexico's pristine natural environments.  Soon after he relocated to Nayarit, a natural gem on the Pacific coastline of Mexico.  Rapid development and the results of poor municipal planning in the area were weighing on his mind when he met Norman Vaux, and the FINAL CYCLES team.  His consulting services with the group added to his growing awareness of the impact of plastics on humanity and the planet's diversity.


Chris formally joined the FINAL CYCLES team in 2021.  Chris lends his technical expertise to the organization's operations and assists with the strategic planning of key initiatives.  He is also involved with conservation groups working in Mexico to preserve the watershed and river habitats in the region, collaborates with marine turtle conservation efforts, and assists conservation groups focused on waste reduction initiatives in the local villages of Nayarit.

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