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We're solving the global plastic pollution problem through education, community and technology

Our Solution

The WWF recently declared that current efforts to improve waste management capacity across the planet are insufficient to stop a predicted 104 million metric tons of plastic at risk of leakage into nature in 2030. While governments and industries continue to dodge this reality, Final Cycles has launched an initiative to use pyrolysis technology to directly convert this waste plastic into valuable usable products: fuels, gases and char.


Although pyrolysis has been around for decades, its use has been minimized due to technological limitations, know-how and cost - prior to 2018, it was cheaper to export to China. Fortunately, recent advances in pyrolysis technology have led to the development of equipment that is more efficient and operates with almost zero emissions.


But what is Pyrolysis? Pyrolysis is a thermal process that works by splitting plastic molecules into smaller building blocks, with the end products being fuel oil, carbon black and flammable gas. In contrast to incineration - where everything is burned - pyrolysis operates in a closed system in the absence of oxygen, thereby preventing combustion. This makes it an ideal solution for the current waste crisis - it rids us of the plastic while producing valuable usable materials. Up to 90% of useful products can be recovered from what otherwise would end up being landfilled, incinerated, or dumped into the sea. 

Final Cycles has embraced a three-fold approach as part of its international gone for good plastic waste solution. In our approach we:

  1. Implement waste awareness programs in local schools and communities

  2. Facilitate the collection and sorting of domestic plastic waste

  3. Construct modular plastic-to-fuel plants in collaborating municipalities (FAQ)

Current Projects

Plastics-to-fuel (PTF) technology has been embraced as the best way to recover clean energy from plastics that cannot be economically recycled. Our goal is to educate and restore communities all over the world. Contact us to request a Final Cycles project for your community.

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