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We're solving the global plastic pollution problem through education, community and technology

Our Mission

To take an uncompromising leadership role in creating a world-wide grassroots campaign in every community to achieve a critical mass of awareness and action in order to end the plastic waste crisis that is destroying our ecosystem and threatening the future survival of all life on the planet.

After 6 years of research, Final Cycles has concluded that the most viable solution to the plastic waste crisis requires action on three fronts simultaneously: 

  1. Educational programs in schools and communities to actively REDUCE plastic usage and minimize waste going into the waste stream. 

  2. Implementation of waste management programs to RECOVER or DIVERT plastic waste that is currently land filled or entering the waste stream. 

  3. Conversion of plastic waste into valuable fuel. If aggressively deployed, can permanently eliminate plastic waste. A bold undertaking, which utilizes decades old plastic-to-fuel thermal processing technology (that now meets European clean air standards) 

Our three-fold approach coupled with a financially self-sustainable economical green business model, could save the biosphere from total devastation.


But, there is no time to waste.

Video Anchor

It is not yet widely known knowledge that we have recently crossed a threshold that has redefined the threat that the plastics crisis presents: It has gone from an external threat to life on the planet to an internal threat to all living organisms, including humans. Plastic particles are now entering our bodies on a daily basis, and the health consequences to our and future generations could well lead to cataclysmic outcomes.


As the World Wildlife Federation so clearly pointed out in a recent article “Call for Collective Global Action”, we are failing to address the plastic pollution crisis because of the lack of a simple human characteristic that –– if applied on a world-wide scale –– would lead to a sustainable long term solution. And that characteristic is Accountability. The plastics emergency exists because everyone has failed to be accountable for dealing with its once-praised properties of being indestructible and lasting “forever.”    

Individuals, families, small businesses, huge corporations, entire industries, local, state and national governments—all have failed to face the plastic waste problem head-on. This is especially infuriating when we see the devastation of the oceans, the defilement of once beautiful landscapes, and now the insidious threat to the health of all living things.


Final Cycles inspires and encourages accountability, one individual, one community, one country at a time by providing the information, the organizational tools and action, and the simple practical solutions that will rescue us from the plastic nightmare we have created.​​

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