What if we could solve the plastic waste crisis today?

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Our planet is covered in plastic garbage. Since the 1950s more than 9 billion tons of plastic has been produced, of which over 6 billion tons has ended up in our natural environment or buried in landfills. Recycling efforts across the globe have failed to solve this crisis. However, there is a real solution.

To take an uncompromising leadership role in creating a world-wide grassroots campaign in every community to achieve a critical mass of awareness and action in order to end the plastic waste crisis that is destroying our ecosystems and threatening the future survival of all life on the planet.

The plastic pollution problem can feel overwhelming at times, but there are actions we can all take to make a difference. Discover a few simple things that you can do to create

a future without plastic pollution... 

We use the latest pyrolysis technology to transform non-recycled plastic waste into valuable commodities that create a reliable source of alternative energy from an abundant, no-cost feed stock...

Join our community of dedicated volunteers and help us transform the lives of millions of people across the world. Whether you are new to volunteering or are a seasoned veteran, Final Cycles needs your help to...

Upcoming Events: 2020

  • TBD
    Plastic-to-Fuel Demonstration Roadshow - 2020 - Missoula, MT
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Hello Montana!! FINAL CYCLES recognizes that there is much interest in solving the global plastic waste crisis. We are excited to announce a public demonstration of the latest plastic-to-fuel technology in Missoula Montana scheduled for early 2020!

Final Cycles has invested in a 1/10 scale mini pyrolysis plant to demonstrate the latest plastic-to-fuel technology -  and we're taking this show on the road! We're looking forward to coming to as many towns, schools, businesses and events as possible, so contact us

  • Accreditation Program

    Final Cycles works with businesses that care about plastic waste and want to let their customers know it. So we're developing a Net Zero Plastic Footprint Accreditation Program. We are looking for additional volunteers to coordinate this program. 

    Contact our team to learn more about this program. 

  • CityStead Cottages

    Nestled in Colorado's High Desert, steps from dozens of trails and the natural wonders of the region, The CityStead Cottages are a zero plastic waste property that feature three cottages, a pollinator yard, a food production yard, and sustainably and carefully furnished interiors.


    The cottages feature local art, turn of the century charm, and a hands on experience for those seeking to reduce their plastic waste at home. Join the journey on Instagram by following @CitySteadCottages. Opening for guests in late fall 2019. Contact CityStead Host Edie Santos for more information. 

  • Legal & Legislative Action

    As the global plastic pollution crisis grows so does public awareness and legal action. Communities everywhere are demanding that legislation be passed to ban single-use plastic items, reform waste collection and restore our environment.


    The legal team at Final Cycles wants to work with you to pass legislation in your area. Contact Carole Zoom, Director of Legal & Legislative Action for Final Cycles.

  • Alternative Plastics

    Hemp grows prolifically, making it an extremely efficient crop for these sustainable plastics known as 'bioplastics'. They are lightweight, biodegradable and can replace many petrochemical plastics (oil-based plastics). Hemp plastics and other hemp products can reduce the greenhouse effect by 'locking in' carbon. Contact Norman Vaux, Executive Director for Final Cycles for more on alternative plastics.

  • Plastic Detox

    Final Cycles is working with our partners to develop an all natural detox remedy to rid your body of toxic nanoplastics. More on this as we progress. 

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