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COVID-19 Can Not Stop The Music

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Music is a big part of the way Final Cycles gets our message out. While working on the soundtrack for the upcoming Musical Documentary I had the good fortune to connect with Simone Simonton, a founding member of the HUGE country band SugarLand, and CJ Lambert from the multi-platinum selling group Blessid Union Of Souls. We have been collaborating on songs that send a message of awareness, hope and a solution regarding the plastic waste crisis.

When the pandemic prevented us from getting together live, we decided to have some fun with the song "Grampa" written by Toby Christensen and Norma Vaux II and performed by Toby Christensen, Simone Simonton and CJ Lambert.

We must stay vigilant and focused on our mission! This was a fun way to share the music and have fun! ENJOY!

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