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Our planet is entirely covered in plastic waste.  The air is saturated with nano plastics, our soils are infiltrated with micro plastics without exception, the ocean is suffocating from all forms of plastic including ghost gear from the fishing industry, and none of our water supplies (including bottled water) are immune from plastic particles. Over a lifetime we consume about 44 pounds of microplastic much of which contains "forever chemicals". Recycling has always been the big corporate lie that places responsibility for the collapse of the biosphere in the hands of consumers. Plastic waste is contributing to a mass extinction event, which includes us!  And, COVID has accelerated the pace of destruction as mountains of single-use plastics continue to enter the ecosystem unabated.   Raising one’s consciousness is step one.

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Healing the Mind, Body,
and Humanity

 Final Cycles Mission

To take an uncompromising leadership role in creating a worldwide grassroots campaign in every community to achieve a critical mass of awareness and action to end the "global plastic and forever chemicals crisis" that is destroying our ecosystems and threatening the future survival of all life on the planet.

Help lay tracks for the future! 


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Visually help share the message!  

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Film Productions

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Download coming soon!

Download coming soon!

Article series on how we got here. By Norman Vaux

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This 9-act screenplay is based on the fictional lives of seven individuals from Missoula, Montana, who are guided by the near invisible hand of Grampa.   The central theme is the cause and effect of the plastic waste crisis and how the actors evolve by raising their awareness and taking responsibility for their actions.  Each act includes 2 original songs with choreographed segments.  Commercials between the acts offer unique glimpse into the plastics world.   The following link offers a window into our creative process (Acts 1 and 2 only) wherein the script is being introduced through a phone conversation with Grampa’s two grandchildren, Shoshana and Alaria.  Note: The use of still shots is for suggestion purposes only.  The entire written screenplay is available upon request.  This project is very much a work-in-progress, which developed  without the benefit of any expertise in the field and absent financial support of any kind.

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Final Cycles works with businesses that care about plastic waste and want to let their customers know it. So we're developing a Net Zero Plastic Footprint Accreditation Program. We are looking for additional volunteers to coordinate this program. 

Contact our team to learn more about this program. 


As the global plastic pollution crisis grows so does public awareness and legal action. Communities everywhere are demanding that legislation be passed to ban single-use plastic items, reform waste collection and restore our environment.


The legal team at Final Cycles wants to work with you to pass legislation in your area. Contact Carole Zoom, Director of Legal & Legislative Action for Final Cycles.


Hemp grows prolifically, making it an extremely efficient crop for these sustainable plastics known as 'bioplastics'. They are lightweight, biodegradable and can replace many petrochemical plastics (oil-based plastics). Hemp plastics and other hemp products can reduce the greenhouse effect by 'locking in' carbon. Contact Norman Vaux, Executive Director for Final Cycles for more on alternative plastics.

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Demonstrating plastic-to-fuel technology. Watch plastic being converted into fuel.

FINAL CYCLES presents a mini-scale pyrolysis and distillation plant to demonstrate the latest plastic-to-fuel technology.


                               We're taking this show on the road and need your help! 


Donate now to allow us to spread our message: This is an immediate "gone for good” solution to the plastic waste crisis.

             Highlighting the corporate polluters

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THEME (Season 1): 12 episodes


The young audience enjoys a journey of self-discovery made possible by the juxtaposition of:


1) real life stories about the impact of plastic waste on members of the animal kingdom, and


2) animated adventures with Grampa, his two grandchildren, and fictional animal characters they befriend along the way.

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Nestled in Colorado's High Desert, steps from dozens of trails and the natural wonders of the region, The CityStead Cottages are a zero plastic waste property that features three cottages, a pollinator yard, a food production yard, and sustainably and carefully furnished interiors.


The cottages feature local art, turn of the century charm, and a hands-on experience for those seeking to reduce their plastic waste at home. Join the journey on Instagram by following @CitySteadCottages. Opening for guests in late fall 2019. Contact CityStead Host Norman for more information. 

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Final Cycles is working with our partners to develop an all-natural detox remedy to rid your body of toxic nanoplastics. More on this as we progress. 


CHILD AGE 3-9 Your treatment includes a book series and music album. Book one tells the story of plastic waste.

PRE-TEEN OR YOUNG TEENAGE 10-14 Two books and a music album are being created for you, which will also interface with our online teaching platforms and phone apps.

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Lifeguards stands were made from recycled plastics (#1, #2, and #4) and they have been attributed to saving multiple lives in Sayulita, Mexico, since they were installed.   They have survived several tropical storms :)​

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Amazon or Bolsonaro?

Ongoing Support and Collaborations.

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